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Grassroots/Grasstops Advocacy

A strong grassroots/grasstops advocacy campaign can help change public perception and motivate lawmakers. We at ASG have successfully coordinated and executed comprehensive advocacy campaigns since 2007 on a wide variety of state, local and federal issues. Our team has managed a myriad of advocacy campaigns ranging from national trade associations to local non-profits.  Our broad network of relationships will help you achieve your goals.

Coalition Building

There is always strength in numbers.  ASG has vast experience in building and managing coalitions from short-term, single-issue projects all the way up to long-term issue based coalitions. At ASG we know those that can move the debate and specialize in helping them speak with one unified voice.

Public Relations

Whether it’s being your regional partner in a national public relations campaign or leading the efforts for a local business or non-profit, our team has the experience and relationships needed to get you local and regional media coverage. With our extensive experience in the world of politics, we can also help you avoid those ‘gotcha’ stories and help navigate you through those troubling times when the news cycle could make or break your brand.

Government Affairs/Wisconsin Lobbying

Our team’s roots started in the legislature. We know the process, the players and how to get legislation across the finish line. Whether it’s a budget line item, stand-alone legislation, administrative rules or even a state constitutional amendment, we’ve been there and done that for our clients. ASG can do the same for you.